Excellent 8

Time spent at Cheam Fields isn’t just about learning Maths, English and Science. It’s also time spent developing as an individual and forming relationships. It’s a time to learn about what it means to be part of a community and the roles and responsibilities that are involved.

The Excellent Eight will help children to develop these essential skills:

  • Co-operation – we like to work and learn together
  • Communication – we talk and listen to others
  • Thoughtfulness – we think about the choices we make and how we work
  • Morality – we do the right thing
  • Respect – we are polite and kind to each other
  • Adaptability – we sometimes have to change our ideas
  • Enquiry – we like to find out and learn new things
  • Resilience – we keep on trying when things get tricky

To help us with our Excellent Eight quest we have help from some well known friends: Bob the Builder, Dora the Exolorer, Buzz and Woody, Harry Potter, The Wombles, Ben 10, Scooby Doo and The Mystery Gang and Nemo!

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Each Classroom has an Excellent Eight display to remind us of the personal goals we are trying to achieve.